Where baseball analytics meets baseball philosophy, approach, intent, and training.  The factual use of batted-ball statistics, combined with their correlations to slugging percentages, and ultimately the offensive value of a player.

Millennial Baseball goes even further.  Learn how to properly load and forcefully drive the hips into extension for explosive power at the point of contact.  Learn how to train the hip extension movement correctly in ways you never expected, but ways you will never forget.

Learn how to use the correct swing path to hit fly balls more often and with the right trajectory to become a consistent extra-base hit threat. Know that a “line drive approach” is the most foolish one a player can adopt and see the statistics that prove why.  Finally, learn how to deal with striking out.  Never sacrifice bat speed for contact.  Not all contact is good (see ground into double plays).  This book will open your mind to the way many Major League superstars are reaping success and signing multi-million dollar contracts.  It’s up to you whether you choose to embrace these valuable lessons, or settle for mediocrity.


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