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State of Millennial Baseball Today

Since late November, I have had a blast selling my product Millennial Baseball to eager ballplayers and intrigued coaches alike.  The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive for the book and I couldn’t be happier.  However, though interest on social media on the concepts are at an astronomical high – the book is not going to be sustainable unless somehow sales increase.  Partly, I blame myself.  I have a willingness to cut sales prices too low and to give away a lot of free information.  Yet, that’s the same reason I loved writing this book.  It helps players that need the answers to match the desire in their heart.

Guys, I spent years toiling away with bad hitting coaches, bad colleges, bad tryouts, and using the wrong training methods.  I have learned so much.  Eventually the education and persistence I put into becoming a professional ballplayer paid off.  I enjoyed a lot of success in a short period of time.  I want younger players to learn the things I wrote about in this book at an early age.  If they do that, they stand a great chance at playing some high level baseball.

You could be like me and run 6.4’s on your 60 and hit 450 foot home runs in your local semi-pro league wishing you had learned how to put it all together sooner.  Or you can get at it now, with this $4.99 book and really see the result come quickly – in months you will see the improvements. I wish the latter for you as a young ballplayer.

Social media support and interest is astronomical, just look at these screenshots from Facebook and Instagram:

Dan Treccia, C.S.C.S. (Facebook) [2,486 followers total]

@trech55 (Instagram) [7,190 followers]

A lot of the articles on this blog ( and videos with a lot of instruction on Instagram have drawn interest to this book.  Millennial Baseball even has 24, 5-star reviews on Amazon.  The book is worth every penny.  In order to keep it up, I’m going to ask you if you are on the border or intend on purchasing it – to read the free pages below from the strength training chapter.

These concepts you have likely never seen before.  Things that helped me hit for more explosive power at a lighter weight and run like lightning.  I want you to learn these concepts so badly because they are simply not taught!  The hell with squats… Read how to develop real power and explosive legs below.  And then buy the book here (Millennial Baseball on Amazon) for the full training program.  It’s 107 pages, one of the longest e-books on Amazon! I want this book to survive.  It needs to because it will change careers.  You can count on that, and I have seen it with my own eyes.

I would like to write a book specifically on developing speed next for ballplayers.  Take a 7.1 to a 6.4 with the right training.  If you wanna see that book, I hope you choose to take a shot on this one first.