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H&B: Every Study on Exercise & Your Immune Response (Free)

In the spirit of Christmas and giving, I decided to share every study on exercise and your immune system’s response in the PDF below.  This is absolutely free of charge.  I do recommend reading the entire book, because I have written workouts based off these studies and it is much easier to leave that in the hands of a professional (such as myself, a C.S.C.S. ‘strength coach’).  At the same time, I never stop learning – good coaches put in the research and time to hone their craft and refine their expertise.  I am always updating content here so be sure to check back often.

Hell & Back – A Study of Exercise and the Immune Response – Training for those in remission!

Being in remission, but immuno-compromised at times, surviving valley fever and a partial-lung resection has only furthered my knowledge on the topic.  These experiences have given me added insight into programming exercise for other survivors.

Merry Christmas!

Hell and Back Preview Immune Studies