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Let’s Talk Millennial Baseball & “Intent”

Of all the self-published articles I’ve done on Breaking Muscle, my first e-Book which I self-published and sold on Shopify, an unpublished book on Exercise Immunology – Millennial Baseball was definitely the most challenging and exciting book I’ve written.


And there’s been a huge response in the two days it’s been out.  It’s already the top seller on the Amazon Kindle store’s Coaching > Baseball and Baseball > Statistics categories.  I am in utter shock that my book is beating Moneyball by Michael Lewis, and Bill James newest 2018 book on MLB statistics and whatnot.  The name slips my mind, but it’s Bill James!

Well this book is a little bit of Bill James in itself.  I use some deep sabermetrics and batted-ball statistics to correlate with slugging percentages, isolated power, and combine that with my knowledge of hitting as a former pro slugger, myself, to give the ultimate theory on how all player’s should approach hitting.

Think of the careers of J.D. Martinez and Justin Turner.  These are guys that were given up on by their home organizations and became superstars adopting the philosophies in this book.  This isn’t just a “Flyball Revolution” book, it’s an explanation of how to strike a ball for good fly balls.  It’s about the intent when the batter gets in the box and how the batters swing path travels to the point of contact.

This book isn’t just for the big boys either.  Ever stand close to Justin Turner?  When he came through Chicago last year I was able to at a White Sox game.  First thing I must say, hell of a nice guy! So genuine!  Second, this guy is short!  He’s explosive.  And he uses a “leg kick” to generate his power.

The problem is, most people think they can just use a leg kick and get instant results.  The facts are, it’s not even the leg kick that powers the swing.  It’s the amount of hip displacement achieved by raising the lead leg into the air, storing elastic energy in the gluteus-maximus.  The deeper the displacement, so long as balance is kept in a controlled state, the more power the glutes can use to push the hips into rotation and powerful hip extension at the point of contact.  Hence, why a small, yet explosive player such as Turner is the new generation example of a perfect power hitters body.

Being explosive, carrying less body weight allows one to run faster and play better defense too.  If I was building a 25-man rosters, I’ll let the other teams take the “yoked” hitters.  There are few of those left, I can’t really even bring one to mind.  Don’t say Aaron Judge, he is a giant.  That doesn’t count!  I think that’s enough to ponder for now.  Also download my book from Amazon for FREE the next two days until December 2nd (link here).  Enjoy!


Also, big shout outs to former MLB and MiLB that reviewed, helped me promote, or gave advice throughout this process – Doug DeVore,  Bryon Bell, Keith Kandel, John Sgromolo, Mike Giovenco, Skip Pitlock, Donn Pall, Chris Peacock, Jordan Guida, Jeff MacLeod, and coach Joel Bonnett! You guys are a blessing.