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Launch Day on Kindle Bookstore

Writing a book is easy.  It takes months, research, editing, more editing, rough drafts, more rough drafts, and then finally – advanced copies.  Yet, it all seems so simple after today.  Being a social media presence every minute on the minute for the whole launch day of Millennial Baseball at Amazon, may have left me dazed and confused at certain points of my day.  Crazy amounts of back and forth, making sure my advanced copy readers got their reviews in, asking for further endorsements from people I respect for my author bio page.  Setting up this “blog” which is starting to feel like a full fledged website. It’s 1:11 AM C.S.T., where did all the time go?

Yet it all was quite worth it in the end.  After day one, Millennial Baseball rose all the way to #1 on New Releases for baseball and extraordinarily to #9 on Best Sellers for baseball.  That, sort of blew my mind.  The sales being reported match the numbers too.  The book itself is very good.  I probably should keep charging for it, but I’m gonna do the whole KDP Select 5-days of free downloads for this title anyway.  That begins tomorrow, er, today – November 30.  It will end on December 4th.

First Day Success

This book is the culmination of a lot of hard research and field implementation.  I highly recommend it and I used the help of other professional ballplayers to fully develop it.  Think of it as statistics (like those at Fangraphs) meeting a complete swing reconstruction program that also features physical strength training program.  There’s even a little approach mentality and intent as a hitter covered in this book.  It’s quite the compilation.  That being said, it’s not hard to understand either.  I include plenty of pictures and I made sure it was edited over and over until even the hardest concepts made sense.

Give it a download ( and see what I mean.  You won’t be disappointed.  And if you download it for free, please leave a review.  I love getting reviews!

But um, goodnight.  Being an author is more exhausting than being a minor league baseball player!  I mean that.


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