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Line drive approaches are death.

Strikeouts are OK.

“Still we’ve only had one run scored that was manufactured. It’s millennial. This is millennial baseball right now. You get up, you take a big swing, you strike out. You don’t try to get the runners over very often. Nobody bunts. Nobody hit-and-runs. We’re a team that has to get guys on and we got five hits. I mean, six runs and five hits is what you call efficiency, except if you lose.” Steve Garvey, after Game 2 of the 2017 World Series

Having a line drive approach is garbage. It ruins a hitter’s career, or aspirations of one. Everything players are taught from a young age are in direct conflict with the proven statistics that have been recorded since the early 2000’s. In the drug testing era, hitters are producing astronomical numbers using a brighter approach to hitting. Proof lies within this book. Written by a professional power-hitting outfielder, now retired and working as a professional strength coach (C.S.C.S.), Millennial Baseball teaches the factual using batted ball statistics. This is also a training book that covers the strength and power training, pro hitting mechanics, and develops the right mindset for each player’s approach at the plate. In today’s game, Millennial Baseball is what teams want to power their offense. Learn today.

You may not know me, or have ever heard the name Dan Treccia. I’m okay with that because I have the validation of making it to the professional level myself. I didn’t reach the end goal, but I achieved THE goal. As a player, the highest level being in the American Association of Professional Baseball, where I made teammates with some former Major League talents like Brandon Jones (Atlanta Braves) and Victor Diaz (New York Mets). Even my spring training roommate, in Sioux Falls, John Holdzkolm, ended up pitching in the same year’s NL Wild Card game (2014)! My success was based on training, and the research it took for me to put together that training combined with dedication to implementing it. In my post-playing career I started toying around with a so called “leg kick” which I write about in depth in this very book. On top of that I became an NCAA level Strength and Conditioning Coach (C.S.C.S.) after I graduated with my B.S. as soon as my playing career was over at the age of 27. The most important gift I have received from baseball is the ability to teach it. I love passing on the cumulative knowledge of my decades long journey from college walk-on to professional power hitter to future generations. If you are hungry and have a desire to slug like none other, this is the book for you. Written by both a professional hitter and qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach (C.S.C.S.), it is the first of its kind. There are so many misconceptions about the so called “uppercut” that need to be statistically proven wrong so that instead of being stigmatized, young hitters are encouraged to adopt one. I use batted ball statistics from the 2017 Major League Baseball season to prove that flyball approaches are incredibly superior to line-drive approaches. Going further I can even prove how ground balls are, in fact, death to any offense. It all starts with approach. The mindset, the drills, and execution in this book will change your player’s career. It may even give one the ability to have a career in baseball. All I ask is to read this with an open mind. After six brutal surgeries, and one where I almost lost my life, these principles and methods of training keep me slugging away into my 30’s. I cannot even imagine what it could do for you all. This is the future of baseball, and this book has the facts to prove it. Thank you for your consideration of this book! Feel free to reach out to me anytime using the contact information within. To this day I write Sports Performance program and give in person lessons from toddlers all the way to the professionals still hacking away in the minor leagues.

Swing hard. Hit the ball UP.

Featured Testimonials

Dan was a workhorse as a professional player. As a former major league player, I was impressed with 2 of Dan’s business traits. 1) Dan was ready to play multiple professional seasons after many injuries, and 2) Dan worked hard on his asset to the team, that being hitting the long ball. Dan is successful as a coach because he is a good communicator, and he received excellent training in college and in professional baseball.” — Skip Pitlock, San Francisco Giants (1970), Chicago White Sox (1974-1975)

Dan is one of the best strength minds out there. He was able to create a plan for our players that was functionally applicable to Baseball. Our players saw strength gains but also saw the results on the field.” — Joel Bonnett, NCAA Pitching Coach at Benedictine University

I had the pleasure to play ball against Dan in a former pro and top collegiate league in Ontario. Dan has always had a big passion for the game and was a very hard worker on and off the field. Love how he is now sharing his knowledge with the world.” — Bryon Bell, Toronto Blue Jays Org. (2004)

Dan has shown great knowledge in the game of baseball both as a player and coach. He constantly studies the game and makes great contributions. His knowledge has helped many kids at all levels of the game.” — Zach Rodeghero, Gary Railcats & Joliet Slammers, Valparaiso Crusaders Single Season Hit Leader, I.H.S.A. Head Varsity Coach

About The Author

Daniel R. Treccia (B.S., C.S.C.S.) was raised in Geneva, Illinois, and has taken his love for baseball from the little league fields of his hometown to NCAA and MiLB stadiums across the continent. Becoming a professional baseball outfielder was not handed to Daniel, he worked tirelessly at it for the better part of 25 years. For twenty-seven years he developed into a feared power hitter with a rare addition of speed on the base paths, playing for the Grand Prairie AirHogs, Sioux Falls Canaries, London Majors, Burlington Bandits, Guelph Royals, Hawaii Stars, among other teams over a five season career. In retirement, Daniel has developed a real passion for teaching the game of baseball and all forms of sports performance training to younger generations. Since 2014, Daniel has coaches varsity baseball with two IHSA schools in the Chicago area and worked as a private hitting instructor. Daniel learned from some of the best sports performance coaches in the Chicago land area and now works as a strength coach himself. As of February 2016, Daniel became certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a C.S.C.S. (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), the only accepted certification in training NCAA athletes. Today, Daniel writes sports performance programming for youth athletes to current professionals.

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