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Helping Those In Need

I released an exercise immunology book with the goal of helping people with compromised immune systems exercise, without getting sicker. About one year ago I wrote a book that was never published at a health and fitness website. Last week the rights to that book were returned completely to me. I wasn’t planning on publishing it, but I was influenced to release it to the public by a person I respect very highly.

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I published this book because it can help people was fatal diseases. They deserve a safe way to regain their strength. Exercise can hamper the immune system and make one susceptible to illness. If you are a gym rat, you know the winter colds seem to come on when you have been crushing it. Think about having an immune system that can’t function efficiently and how working out could potentially take a person from remission to relapse. It is a scary thought, relapse. I have dealt with these fears myself because I survived an illness that kills many people. At my worst point I was coughing up blood and had 10% of my left lung removed to prevent the disease from spreading.

I lived in fear. But I also was 28, and it was not the time for me to become weak and complacent with a life without fitness. I wanted to be myself again. I did what I have always done. Research from credible journals, and implement the plan in the field.

The plan worked.

So here it is for all who are currently in remission and want to take their lives back. Amazon allows me to make the book free for 5 out of every 90 days (starting December 3 to December 7), and when it isn’t free it’s $2.99. I do not wish to profit off of this book, but I do wish to help. Depression and disease go hand in hand. I just want you to know if you are suffering and you are scared, I am always here to talk. You can find my email on my contact page. You can take back your life.